YIM TOM  for the Journey is a Hong Kong based private atelier featuring unique, timeless jewelry incorporating precious materials, distinctive craftsmanship, and cultural heritage. 





Photo by Nicolas Petit courtesy of  Zolima CityMag

Photo by Nicolas Petit courtesy of Zolima CityMag

Gemstones have long been used to connect with eternal natures and empower our presence aboard this magical journey of life.





Since ancient times in China, jade was worn as a companion for life’s journey, both as protection and as a status symbol indicating the dignity, grace and sensibilities of the owner. 



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“Incorporating gemstones from Han Dynasty up to late 20th century, utilitarian gemstone buttons, beautiful gemstone tops of Antique Chinese snuff bottle to Jadeite counterweight from Imperial Court necklace, Yim considers herself a temporary caretaker of gems that find their way into her collection!”

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